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The Dreams and Our Life – What’s The Link?

In order to enjoy this article at its fullest, and meet the purpose for which it was written and published on the first place, it’s important for you to have an open mind. Because what we are going to talk about today is going to break down the barriers of what you considered to be normal.

The Messages Are Out There

gemelos1Dreams can sometimes be just that: dreams. But there are opportunities, which are quite often, when they go beyond that point, and yes, it’s because they want to share a message with us. The other day I had the great chance to read a masterpiece in Spanish: qué significa soñar con un embarazo. This article talked about the different interpretations for different subtypes of a specific type of dream: dreaming with pregnancy.

I dare to say that such article in Spanish was more complete than other pieces I have had the chance to read in English – they really did a great job. Because they were able to find many sub-types of such dream, and bring a very accurate interpretation of the message they wanted to transmit. If you know how to speak Spanish, or at least know how to translate it using online resources, then you should give it a look. You will be amazed.

You Have Got To Search

If you have had a dream with bees, dogs, cats or whatever other thing, then you should try to find its meaning. There are dreams which carry with them very important messages which are actually helpful for your life. If I were on your shoes, then I’d do as much as possible to find its meaning, because sometimes they are an alert of something bad that’s about to strike your life.


Can Someone Stop The World?

Sometimes I feel like we are spinning too fast. Have you felt this way some time? Happens that when one sees the news and sees these great advances in technology, it even feels awkward. No, that’s a joke. It’s fabulous to live in a time like ours, which seems to be the best time in the history for the development and progress of science and technology.
Even though we have our own problems, this article will be entirely dedicated to science and tech.
The Robot World
robot-vision-systems-LR-FullI feel like very soon I will have Robocop guarding the streets in my hometown. I thought this when I saw an article on the improvement of robot vision. In the past, just a few years ago, robots were barely capable of working and analyzing 2-dimensional surfaces. Now the robot vision technology has reached a whole new level, because it can work with 3-dimensional objects with no issue at all.
And just like the  case, now they are smarter than before. Because many companies and start-ups are working on ways to make this technology more viable and effective. For example, they are working on speech technology, so one can talk with a robot with no problem at all.
The robot world is right here, and none will stop it from growing. With so many companies working on it, it’s impossible to stop this situation, and one shouldn’t do it. Because these advances are going to improve people’s lives, especially when one sees how this technology is going to be implemented in medicine, and this will contribute to improving people’s health and to treat diseases like never before.
Our world is changing, our world is fabulous. Let’s profit from this opportunity, take advantage of this fabulous time to be alive!

Reasons Why Your Resin Did Not Cure

It does not matter whether you are new at working with epoxy resin or are a professional. There always comes a time when your resin tends to not cure and you find yourself asking it is so sticky? There are a bunch of reasons that this is happens.
First of all how old is your resin? The recommended time to use it is 6 months after purchasing and opening as moisture can infiltrate the bottle and affect the curing. SO if it has been longer than that you better go to the store and epoxidharz kaufen. Next consider the climate you are keeping the resin in and whether it is controlled. A rapidly and frequently changing climate is not good in this case. The third reason is perhaps something that you are warned about the most – measuring the ratios properly. Do not assume to know how it goes and always leave the instructions first.
If the proportions are incorrect then the resin will remain sticky. In addition to this not mixing properly or using an old cup that was not completely clean (residue from previous epoxy resin) then there will be problems. There are cases when people add color to their mixture so that it matches whatever they are using it on better. If you are doing this then make sure whatever you use brings in minimal moisture so use dry pigments if you really have to add them. Working in a room that is really hot can also make the resin too tacky. It is recommended to use the resin and hardener from the same batch or company since doing that minimizes complications. This is quite beneficial because in case things go wrong, you could always confront the manufacturers about it or lodge a complaint.

When Buying a Condominium

Whether investing into a condominium or not is a big decision and one must give serious thought to it, because it is never a small investment, condominium is different from just any apartment, you can call it something which takes the apartment to a much higher level, and it is considered as luxury living and people who invest in condominium know that it will cost them a lot, there are pros and cons of buying anything, and it is always a good decision to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages. While evaluating the pros and cons of a condominium you can also compare it with buying a townhouse or a huge house, a lot of people would always opt for a condominium.
Tempo-Condos-RenderingThere are a lot of things that you would love about a condominium, and if the project is an appealing one you would find it real hard to turn down the opportunity of living into a good condominium, these luxury living projects are common where the property value is really high, and these are the places where top property investors and builders look to build such condominiums, it is recommendable that if you are looking to invest in a condominium then only invest in a project which is completed by a reputable company, in Vaughan, Canada the top most housing project developer is GreenPark, and Charisma Condominium by GreenPark is among the new and most exciting condominium projects around, and people who live here know well about the reputation of this company and the goodwill plays a huge role in deciding whether to invest in the condominium or not,GreenPark has been able to provide some excellent projects both in Urban and Suburban parts of the country and that should give you enough confidence to the buyers.

Additional Perks Of Dating a Biker

Every one of us have an adventurer in us that needs to come out sooner or later so you can have a really good time in your life. Bikers are the people that like to wear their lifestyle out and loud while loving a life of adventure and ruggedness. There are many positives of dating a biker but only if the biker partner is also looking for the kind of person you are. Otherwise, coping up with the relationship is going to become a task that is highly unlikely to end in anything good. All these concerns aside, there are plenty of advantages that you automatically have when you are dating a biker.

motorcycle-dating-tipsWhen your partner own a motorcycle which could be a Harley or a BM or anything in between, you are already looking cooler than all your other friends because you have a great ride. A biker dating site is usually being used by many girls and boys to look for a partner that owns a cool motorcycle so they can enjoy the ride with their loved one.

Also, with cool biker comes a very unique style that all bikers share. It is not hard to spot a biker because they stand out of the crowd and their style speaks volumes of the kind of life they like to spend. Mostly, you will see an accessory, a leather jacket adorned in the most stylish of ways that is fully complimented by the body of the biker wearing it and the gloves complete the style giving a bold statement by the one supporting this style. There is a reason why you see many chicks surrounding a biker to get a ride with the stylish dude on his cool motorcycle. If you have a partner like that, you cool points go up several notches just by knowing such a person with such bold style statement.

Things You Need To Care About Before Getting a New Roof

The durability of the roof depends on number factors. A durable roof is one of the requirements of all the people. Phoenix roof repair makes sure every person has the same opportunity to have the best repairing experience. The best part of going through the process of repairing or replacing the roof with the new one is that there is a wide range of prices that might help you stay in your budget. As well as it will give you the chance to choose from a great variety of modern roofs those are available in the market today.
Tile-Roof-Repairs-Phoenix-AZChoosing the correct material of the roof is very important. If you are living at the beach you will need different material to make it resistant from the atmosphere having high humidity and salt. On the contrary, if you are living in areas where there is high temperature due to the scorching sun. In this case, you will need different material of roof because of the fact that the direct sun rays will change the color of the roof. In order to avoid the damage go for heat resistant material instead. The type of manufacturer is also very crucial to know. It is important that you choose the manufacturers that are reliable. If the manufacturer is not reliable your roof will have a short life and it will be more susceptible to any type of damage either by temperature or from weather change. The way a roof is attached has a great importance. Every type of roof has a different way that needs to opt for its attachment. However, it is not your job to choose how you should do it. Phoenix roof repair takes care of all the things and you should not care about it. They have the best staff members to make your roof perfect the way you always dreamed of.

Feeling Down? You Can Win Your Personal Injury Battle…

You do not need to feel down, in fact you shouldn’t. We know that it may be a hard time for you and your family, but you shouldn’t enter into a state of desperation, because this will cause you and your case a lot of damage.

So now let’s finish this sadness of yours, because there’s hope for you. This article is just the starting point of your victory, because if you do things as we say, then you can be more than sure that you will get excellent results at the end of the day. You just need to be patient and act correctly.

The Starting Point

Hire-a-Long-Island-Medical-Malpractice-Lawyer-to-Help-Prove-Your-Claim-1024x682You need to begin by finding a good lawyer. If your current one is not delivering good results, then you must dumb it and find another one. If you want to know what a great personal injury lawyer is, then you should take a look to the Killino Firm’s website here:

The Killino Firm has gained a well-known reputation in the personal injury field. All of their lawyers who exclusively on this field and all the sub-fields that correspond. And this is what you must look for in your lawyer.

You need to start by doing this. And always listen to him, he is who will handle your case and get the money you deserve. Doing things on your own without the acknowledge of your lawyer is a very big and even mortal mistake.

Get a good lawyer and don’t put your case at risk. Make sure he handles the case, not you. Always be ready to listen and follow his words, he’s the one who will win this battle for you. Just put your faith on it and everything will be alright.

Utilising Every Medium

Ever since the beginning of the digital age communication barriers have become sparse, people can now communicate with one another on a global scale through the internet, television and other mediums. Technological advancements have also increased the number of ways in which we can communicate with one another, organizations from around the world have greatly benefitted from this, and a whole new level of advertisement has become available to companies that exist today. Eraser Farm is an independent advertising agency that helps organizations of all kinds make the most out of every communication medium accessible and get their message across to as many people as possible.

0-feIaJDCA9VYA-rYf-Eraser Farm is a veritable power bank of ideas; their innovative designers sit together and come up with a variety of ideas for every client, choosing the one that suits them the best. The agency’s dedication to providing unique ads for every client is one of the many reasons why they’re known as the best advertising agency Tampa bay has to offer. Eraser Farm makes advertisements that are meant to draw attention and then deliver their message as fast as possible, ensuring that the viewer does not get the chance to become bored before they  finish viewing the ad. Once the audience has viewed the advertisement, they won’t be able to forget about it anytime soon due to the fact that Eraser Farm’s advertisements’ aren’t just boring notices meant to inform, they target the viewer emotionally, making them stop and think about what they just saw, maybe even appreciate it a bit. Whether it’s a poster to be printed and placed around or a picture to be uploaded onto the internet, Eraser Farm will have you covered, and they also produce exceptional videos and short clips that further enhance your advertising campaign, so get in touch with the company and learn more about what they have to offer.

The Benefits of Buying a Dollhouse

New toys come in and out of trends every now and then. Perhaps dollhouses are the only ones that seem to have stood out over the years and are pretty much always in demand. Maybe this is because they are so customizable with different designs and fixtures that children can choose in their own. In the past people used to build them but today you can find many options to choose from at Here are some benefits about dollhouses.

lundbydollhouse1If you were one of those kids who were hooked on dollhouses when you were younger then we can assure you that today as an adult you will be amazed at the features included in top class models. Lights and sounds can be installed in which is very exciting. There are running water sounds in the bathrooms and kitchens, chiming door bells and ringing phones. Fireplaces and lights are all set up to make the experience of playing as realistic as possible. Dollhouses also provide a great way to store dolls. Moreover children are more than willing to put away their dolls if they get the chance to set them up compared to outing away other toys. If your dollhouse can fold open and close then getting rid of the clutter around the play room can be quick and easy. If you have more than one child or live with relatives with a number of kids playing together then larger dollhouses are perfect. They are designed in a way so that they open up on more than one side and can be accessed better. This of course does not mean that kids will not fight over things so keep an eye out for that. Lastly, the biggest benefit is that they are just so much fun!

This Is Why You Will Love Your Chihuahua

If you want to get a dog for which you will fall in love, then you have to look no further than the Chihuahua. But why should you pick it? Well, if you are not convinced yet or not believe our words, then we are going to give you very good reasons on why you should buy it.

And just before starting, we should say that all we have written has been a result from reading this article: características físicas Del perro chiguagua. It’s in Spanish yet talks about many interesting facts regarding this breed.


323EFECD00000578-0-image-a-29_1458126327315One of the reasons on why this dog is the perfect pick, is because it’s extremely loyal. You will never find a dog that’s more loyal than a Chihuahua. Well, we can discuss this all day along, but the truth is this little dog will protect you, even with its own life if needed.

These little friends will love you a lot, take it for granted. So, if you want to experience lots of love from your dog, then this little dog will suffice all your needs.

Easy To Take Care of:

Another reason on why you should select the Chihuahua upon other dogs, is because it’s relatively easy to take care of. You won’t have to deal with space problems, because it only needs a bit of space to play, eat, etc.

The unique thing you need to take care about from an early age is to provide it with correct training. If you want him to be polite and obey you, then you must train in from an early age. Training a Chihuahua when it’s already an adult is doable, but a lot harder. So don’t wait for that time to arrive, train it from a puppy.

Advantages of Real Estate

Real Estate Investments are Less Risky

There is lesser misadventure in real estate than other investments.If an area has plenty of resources and here are low mortgage rates then it is a very good reason to invest in real estate market for this type of region.

No Need for Huge Starting Capital

To obtain a real estate property in Austin some amount is given to hold the real estate property as security.It is also called as high ratio financing.Consider the example given below.

Suppose a person wants to buy a condo which costs $200,000 then the person only has to pay about 10% of $200,000 and remaining 90% is financed against the condo bought. Therefore in a high ratio financing the ratio between the debt and equity is very high. A thing which is also very important is to estimate the high ratio mortgage insurance. A condo can also be purchased with 100% mortgage price.The-true-advantages-of-real-estate-investment-570x380

Honing Investment Skills

Real estate investment particularly when a person buys a condo for himself is a good learning experience. It also gives the person opportunity to learn. A person can acquire all the knowledge and skill through a vast experience of buying and selling the properties.

Not a time taking Adventure

If the person already prepared for the adventure then not much energy is required for real estate.If a person knows the way to make judicious investment in time and the good market conditions prevailing at that time.

He should prepare to time himself.Sometime should be taken to do some research. Time taken for real state negotiation should be calculated. If the time is less than the optimum time then he has done well but if the time increases then he should try again.

To make use of these benefits it is better to contact Uptown Real Estate Austin.

Starting Your Own Woodwork Project

We all know at least one person in among our family or friends who is a handyman. They can deal with minor electric and plumbing issues and even do their own DIY projects that are almost always a success. Woodwork projects are a great hobby and can be a pretty useful skill as well. Most people shy away from woodwork projects because they fear that they do not know how to use the proper tools and will end up buying expensive tools they don’t even know how to use, you do not have to buy every item on the woodworking tools list, as long as you know the basics.

The most basic items you need to buy consist of an electric drill, screws, saws, a basic tool set (consisting of a hammer and wrench etc.) and hand sanders. These are basic tools from your woodworking tools list and will help you with small-scale woodwork projects. You can always ask for more information from the employees working in hardware stores so that they can best guide you on which type of screw or nail etc. will best go with your project.

woodprojectsforkids-400x267If you have no experience in woodwork, it is recommended that you first learn basic woodwork skills like drilling etc. before you move on to the actual project. Caution is always advised when using power tools and if you are concerned for you safety, we recommend not using said power tool. You can always consult an expert or have them give you a hand during your project, your safety always comes first.

Final touches always matter, properly sanding your project will give it a smoother finish and pain will help cover minor imperfections and enhance durability. Lastly, do not get discouraged if it does not work out the first few times, persistence is key.

Quality Printing With Printing Depot Express

Printing has pretty much become a need of every business and has a lot to do with its success in the long run. Around any business office, you’ll find lots of printed material. This doesn’t just end with printed sheets of A4 sized papers of course, many of these printed medium are in the form of envelops, binders, notepads, business cards, calendars and letter heads. Having the logo of your business printed on envelops make them look more official and signify that they were sent from your business. They may be used for official purposes most of the times, but there’s definitely the impact of a ‘brand’ there.

Other means for a business to promote itself through printed medium includes the use of posters and banners that target the public directly. It’s important that these banners and posters are designed in a way that captures the attention of potential customers at a glance. The same goes for give-away items such as mugs, golf balls and T-shirts which are also effective ways of gaining a potential customer’s attention.

There’s just so much that depends on printed medium when it comes to promoting a brand name. Fortunately there are a number of great printing businesses that can med these printing demands. One of the most reputable business to business print shop Tampa is Printing Depot Express. Printing Depot Express has been in the business of printing quality products for businesses since 1988 and has amassed the kind of experience and skill in the field that allows them to deliver quality products parallel to no other.

With Printing Depot Express you can always expect great customer service, timely printing, the most reasonable prices and most of all quality. Even if you’re having sheets printed, you won’t have to worry about those nasty faded prints that happen when a toner starts running out.

Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring a Family Attorney

A family attorney is basically an attorney who is responsible for handling a lot of different family affairs. Most of the families have family attorneys on their payrolls because you don’t really know when you need one, and it’s best to have an attorney present rather than looking to find one at the 11th hour. With that said, while hiring a family attorney Tampa isn’t as difficult as many may tell you, there are some very common mistakes that people end up making.
With that out of the way, avoiding those mistakes isn’t all that difficult. Today, we are going to take a look at all the mistakes you can avoid while hiring a family attorney.
Going for the First Lawyer You See
00a15eaWhen it comes to hiring a family lawyer, or any lawyer for that matters, you need to make sure that you don’t end up hiring the first lawyer you get to meet. This is mainly because keeping your options open will actually help you in finding a better lawyer too. If you are wondering why hiring a right lawyer is a must, then you should know that getting stuck with a bad one can actually cost you a lot.

Going for the Cheapest Option
Another thing you need to keep in mind when hiring a family attorney is not going for the cheapest available option. The reason why this thing is so important is because you never know how experienced they are, and it would still be a hard thing to accept even if they provide you with some testimonials. Plus, if they are charging you so less, there might an ulterior reason behind that. Similarly, one should.Never go above your budget and hire someone very, very expensive.

Best Professional Photography in Sydney

If you are in Sydney and you are in search of a good photographer who does professional photography then you do not have to worry anymore because here we will tell you the best and the greatest professional photographer of Sydney.
Edge Photography is what I am talking about, they are the best and the greatest professional photographers you will find in Sydney. If you are thinking that what makes them the greatest then you should just go and have a look at their portfolio which is uploaded on their website and then you will get to know that why are they called the bestest of all.
DSC_2309Their pictures are unique and they are extra ordinary and it is the result of three things; their mind blowing skills, their talent and their experience. When these three things combine they make something out of this world and something which is praised by everyone. They have a lot of experience in this field and they are expert in it, they know their work. They have done professional photography for a lot of wedding and engagements parties and they know their angles perfectly.
Everyone wants to have the best at their wedding, from the decorations to catering, from makeup to dress, and most importantly the photography. So, if you want to have the best photography at your wedding then you should ask Edge Photography to cover it for you, as they are the best ones on Sydney. They also offer different packages to their customers, they start from $1200 to $3500 and you can choose the best one for you. If you need more information on them or you want to contact them then you can write to them or you can also go through their website.

Number of Healthy Meals Available

If someone tries to convince you that you must start eating healthy and take a note of whatever you are consuming, the first thing that would come to your mind is that he/she is asking you to get on a strict diet and you would not be having any delicious meals now, but that is not what it is all about, healthy eating has a new and different dimension to it now, and it is not the same as it was, because food revolutionists like fitlife foods have introduced a wide range of healthy meals which are really healthy and taste as good as anything.

1ff35dd144efe4e862656057d773a6c0Make it interesting with these meals and you can do that with changing meals every week it is was not possible for you to achieve because of the lack of choices. But now meals like salmon 3 ways, chicken, turkey, lamb and other healthy and delicious ingredients are included in the menu for you to enjoy and once you have tasted one of their amazing meals you will surely revisit them again.

Preparing healthy meals is not that straightforward as there is a number of different ingredients and to get that right with great taste is not everyone’s cup of tea, so it is better that you just grab these meals from your nearby healthy meal shack, it would be really hard for you to accurately calculate the amount of fat, calories and kcal, but the meals available at healthy meal stores like fitlife foods always have a description regarding the fat and calorie content, so you will never have any doubts about eating the meal and you can enjoy the meal without worrying about anything,Tampa healthy food has a number of great options and one top choice is fitlife foods.

Benefits of Getting Insurance

Quote-onlineLife Insurance gives the multiple benefits including savings and security. These benefits can be given as follows:

  1. It gives Risk Cover. Today’s life is very unpredictable. Anything can happen to anyone and anytime. Thus, it is important to have a strong economic plan for those who are the expected sufferers under the unforeseen situation.
  2. It helps in the future planning. It not just provides assistance in the form of finances but also gives ways of planning. Insurance can help achieve all the long-term goals like completion of the academic goals, having a personal home to live, getting a ride in the dream car or enjoying a retired life.
  3. Health problems are highly crucial. The health expenses are often too heavy to bear. In such conditions insurance is a great help. The insurers extend help through riders or sometimes by standing alone in the process of insurance. The health insurance can cover all kinds of expenses from medication to hospitalization and medical procedures.
  4. It encourages the habit of long term saving. This saving can help build a financial base for the requirements at any stage of the life.
  5. It ensures a safe and profit friendly investment. They are governed by the rules and regulations decided by the government.
  6. It is a form of assured income that can be obtained through annuities. Life Insurance is one of the best options available for the retirement planning. The money that the insurer saves during his job is used to give a complete source of income when the person gets retired.
  7. It is a long term combo of protection and savings. It keeps the insured person in a complete state of relaxation and happiness. It is something that gives a piece of mind to the person insured saving him from several traumatic conditions.
  8. The insurance amount is also increased by adding bonus to them on annual basis as the company gets any benefit.

In order to get the best benefit out of the insurance it is very important to understand the concept of insurance business process outsourcing.

Best Essay Services for Students

Sometimes students struggle to write an essay which can help to get them a good grade and because of that they have to struggle. So, there is a website for students who are struggling to write their essays, and this website can help them to get a good one as provides ‘Essay for sale’ services to their customers which help them in their struggle.

Professional-dissertation-writing-servicesOnce you hire them to write your essay you can relax and be calm as they will provide you with one of the best essays, all of their writers are experienced and knows very well that how can they write an essay for a particular someone. They will write according to your instructions and they will complete it before your deadline, so that you do not have to face any sort of problems. They guarantee that all of their work is plagiarism free and is written in a very well manner, they know the format. They try and promise to give you their best work and that too in low rates, their prices are not high at all and one can easily afford it. If you want them to follow any special request or you want to add any special service than only they will charge you extra, other than that their prices are fixed.

They can write essays of all kind, there is no problem if you are in High School, or you are an Undergraduate or you are doing your Masters, they will do their proper research and will give you the bestest essay of all. So, if you want them to write your essay then do not waste any more time and go to their website and place your order, and the price will be calculated automatically there.

What Are Some Reasons to Buy a Table Saw

Like it has been stated time and again, if you happen to be good at woodwork, or you are beginning to learn the art, or you just want to do some small projects, a table saw can be used quite efficiently and effectively. Don’t believe it? Go ahead and check out the table saw reviews to see what the hype is about. With that said, if you are still not convinced and want to know proper and actual uses of table saw, then today, we are going to help you get a better understanding of table saw and some of the major reasons to buy a table saw, especially if you happen to be a beginner.
So, without wasting anymore time, let’s take a look at some of the reason why you should invest in a beginner’s table saw without hesitating.
Good for DIY Projectsportable-table-saw
For people who are still learning woodwork, a portable table saw is really, really good. The reason it’s good is because it’s light weight, and doesn’t require a lot of power. Why is it so? It’s easy to carry because of the light weight, and for someone looking for doing small DIY projects, the portable table saw happens to be a great option.
Learning Woodwork
If you are someone who’s willing to learn about woodwork and the basics, you can actually start by investing in a portable table saw that will get the job done. If you are wondering how that will work, then you should know that portable table saws are perfect when it comes to learning woodwork. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can always buy the table saws that are built for beginners, and start your own project.

Green Tea for Heart Conditions

Green tea is known for many thins and one of the most important health impacts is the reduced chances of cardiovascular diseases. Conditions like blocked arteries, stroke and other heart diseases are the major contributors of deaths all over the globe and that can be avoided by regular use of green tea that prevents the blood from thickening. According to some studies, green tea controls levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. Green tea is also the factor behind increasing antioxidant ability in the blood that prevents LDL cholesterol from oxidizing that one of the reasons underlying multiple heart conditions.

green-teaBy studying and comparing the heart health status of green tea drinkers with non-green tea drinkers, it has been found that the former are less likely to develop a heart condition so much so that the risk is reduced by a good 31%.

Fit Tea green tea is also being used in the fight against obesity, especially in the west. It helps in reducing weight that prevents or reduces obesity risk. We know that green tea can cause an instant increase in the metabolic rate of a person and for this reason, it can also play a major role in helping you to lose weight as fat burning in the body is increased by an increase in metabolic rate. The focus area for green tea effectiveness on fat burning is the abdominal region where fat is stored.

The effects of green tea in helping weight and fat reduction in an individual has been formally studied in human controlled trials where a standard group of men and women were put on a green tea inclusive diet to compare results with those that did not include green tea in their daily consumption. The effects were indicative of lowered fat percentage, waist size reduction, weight loss and decrease in abdominal fat of green tea drinking group.