Julia Pickering

Julia Pickering is a pioneering female snowboarder, mountaineer, exploratory adventurer and expedition leader with several years of experience snowboarding in the most challenging places on Earth.

Fearless in her approach, Julia doesn’t settle for anaesthetising security; challenging the accepted norm, pushing boundaries and considering the inconceivable and setting out to achieve it has led to extraordinary success:

•    She is the first female and second person ever to have climbed and snowboarded the 3 highest peaks in the Arctic Circle
•    The first person to climb and snowboard Mount Bear in Alaska, one of the highest mountains in the US
•    Has made pioneering first snowboard descents in Greenland

With an infectious enthusiasm for adventure; being terrified of the ordinary is what motivates Julia and what drives her as she constantly seeks new challenges and embarks on snowboarding expeditions of phenomenal scope.

Where's Julia Now?